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How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 263 (or Generation XBox)

During a recent holiday gathering with the family of your significant other, you decide to educate the youngsters playing Minecraft and Lego Batman video games on an XBox 360 by telling them about the Super Nintendo you had at their age (which you still own) as well as other old systems such as the original Nintendo and first generation Playstation.

Upon listening to your history lesson of 1990s video games, one of your grammar school-aged audience members responds, “You must have a museum of legendary old video games.”

You fail to then point out, however, that such a thought is a rather generous assessment of being a nerd in your thirties.

How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 254 (or “The Way of the Thankful Turkey”)

You have devoted a large portion of your Thanksgiving holiday break to streaming kung fu and samurai films in between reading old pulp fiction crime novels in e-book format.

In an alternate universe: Event 10

In an alternate universe, Americans do not eat turkey on Thanksgiving, as the United Sates adopted Benjamin Franklin’s suggestion of making the turkey the national bird.  They know not what they are missing in that sad, lonely universe.