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How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 168 (or a man’s speech patterns)

You have (on multiple occasions) adopted the speech habits of Jaqen H’ghar of the Faceless Men, in which the word “I” is replaced with the phrase “a man.”  As such, you have found yourself speaking to people as follows:

“A man wonders when the next A Song of Ice and Fire novel will be released.  A man is tired of waiting.”

How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 79

In the course of the same week, you have actually used the phrases, Words are wind, and Valar morghulis in casual conversation about real-word issues.

How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 72

When asked, you couched your impression of Rupert Murdoch’s testimony using George R.R. Martin references, by stating that he was “part Tywin Lannister, part Walder Frey”.

How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 17

Not only are you excited about this Sunday’s premiere of the Game of Thrones television series on HBO because you’ve read at least the first book in the George R. R. Martin series on which it is based, but you also happily watch anything in which Peter Dinklage is cast.