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From one nerd to another: Some interesting blogs

As promised, the following is a list of 15 blogs/ websites that are interesting, and worth a look.
DISCLAIMER: The views and content expressed in these blogs belong to the authors of each blog, respectively.


The Night Manager’s Journey



For Better GENIUS

Gideon Jagged



A Metal State of Mind

Hello Nerds

Nerd Reactor

The Rhapsodist

The Lost Highway



El Gorgo!

Rawful News

Clip Snark

Post It Notes from my Idiot Boss

May you enjoy these blogs, avid readers.

An upside to nerdiness: Nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award

Writing this blog has been a continuous joy since we began this endeavor over a year ago.  It’s an even greater pleasure to know that others actually enjoy the random musings that we post here at Nerd Odyssey.  Thus, being nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, thanks to one of our followers, is a wonderful treat.

Thank you Tippeh, of The Night Manager’s Journey, which is a very clever photo blog from across the pond.

As per the VBA rules, I will share seven things about myself. It also states that I should recommend 15 blogs, which I will do in a later post so that I might give the matter proper consideration. I will have those recommendations posted by Tuesday at the latest.


1. Though I often use the royal “We” when referring to the authorship of this blog, I am but one man without a staff of writers.

2. Every How to tell you’re a nerd posting is based on something that I’ve actually experienced, humiliating or exhilarating alike, in my 28 years of existence.

3. I would often skip a pep rally in high school in favor of reading a book in the school library.

4. I am less than a year away from finishing a Master’s Degree in Library Science.

5. I’m not just a nerd… I’m a physically disabled nerd (one of those scooter-driving folk).

6. I’ve been a John Carpenter movie fan since I was two years old (yep, I said two. Hardcore, I know).

7. I am pro-Batman, and anti-Superman, from a character standpoint.

Thank you, avid readers.

How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 79

In the course of the same week, you have actually used the phrases, Words are wind, and Valar morghulis in casual conversation about real-word issues.

How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 72

When asked, you couched your impression of Rupert Murdoch’s testimony using George R.R. Martin references, by stating that he was “part Tywin Lannister, part Walder Frey”.

In an alternate universe: Event 2

In an alternate universe, the majority of people running for political office actually know what they are doing, and seek office to help the public, instead of the opposite being true.

How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 17

Not only are you excited about this Sunday’s premiere of the Game of Thrones television series on HBO because you’ve read at least the first book in the George R. R. Martin series on which it is based, but you also happily watch anything in which Peter Dinklage is cast.

“Star Trek” not going boldly where they’ve gone several times before…

Studio executives emphatically reject ideas for a new Star Trek television series (even from Wiliam T. Riker, himself) in favor of focusing on the current films.

Full story.

“World of Warcraft” & Chinese economy, or WoW: WTF?

Apparently, selling virtual goods and services in World of Warcraft is more profitable in China than the actual economy.

Full story.

“American Gods” to battle on the big screen

By Odin’s eye patch! Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods, a polytheistic odyssey of Shadow and the irrepressible Mr. Wednesday, is in development to become a feature film.

Full story.

One small step for man, one giant leap for Skynet…

NYTimes: Computer Wins on ‘Jeopardy!’: Trivial, It’s Not

Full story of the ominous victory

Skynet may yet have a weakness

A surprising turn of events, as Watson the computer makes a geographical error on Jeopardy!

Full story here

Skynet will soon be here: Artificial Intelligence vs. Intelligence Augmentaion

With the debut of a computer contestant on Jeopardy!, this week marks an interesting empass in the debate of man vs. machine.

NYTimes: A Fight to Win the Future: Computers vs. Humans

Full story here

“The Stand” film clarifications from sai King, himself.

Stephen King, who didn’t even know The Stand was going to be filmed until he read about it on the interweb, tells Entertainment Weekly his thoughts on the upcoming project.

Take a look at the full story

(500) Dark Knights of Summer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is rumored to still have a role in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises.

Take a look at the full story

NYTimes: Businesses Take Flight, With Help From NASA

Apparently, the best hope for “going where no one has gone before,” is to buy American. Check it out.

NYTimes: Businesses Take Flight, With Help From NASA

Take a look at the full story

NYTimes: Gazing Afar for Other Earths, and Other Beings

The following article details the latest efforts to identify habitable planets outside our solar system.

NYTimes: Gazing Afar for Other Earths, and Other Beings

Take a look at the full story