How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 224 (or I don’t see dead people, but I do see poorly thought out plots that rely too heavily on a twist!)

You enjoy pointing out plot holes and illogical elements of the “clever” twists of  M. Night Shyamalan films.  The resulting conversations are often more interesting than the films themselves.

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  1. I’d like to hear about some plot holes you have found! That be pretty cool.

    PS: In the middle of writing this, I did realize I’m a candidate for a nerd

    • *Spoiler Alert!* OK, now that you’ve read that disclaimer, I’ll point out a couple of flaws in two of his films starting with SIGNS. I’ve heard it mentioned in more than one source, including television shows, (and I agree with this) that it is very illogical for an alien race that is allergic to water to invade our planet, which is 75% water. That would be like humans trying to conquer a planet of aliens whose oceans are made of acid or cyanide. As I see it, the ONLY reasonable explanation for why they’d invade us would be if Earth has some extremely rare resource that would be worth landing on (what for the aliens in the film) is a inhospitable world in order to obtain that resource, but that isn’t really addressed.

      Secondly, I find it lame (considering that these aliens are supposedly advanced enough for interstellar travel) that an alien could so easily be trapped in a cupboard for so long a time. I’d like to think it would’ve been able to call for backup or “MacGuyver” it’s way out of a wood and drywall chamber.

      In regard to THE VILLAGE, there was a point in the film that really bothered me. First, keep in mind that essentially, the people in the film have created a cult in the middle of a preserve that is isolated from the rest of the world. The adults have raised their kids to believe in the false society they built, and could teach their children whatever messed up version of history that their misguided minds could concoct. The graves in the village cemetery show “contemporary” birth and death dates from the nineteenth century. This is logical from the audience’s standpoint, at first, because the audience assumes that they are viewing American settlers from the past. The fact that it’s a cult living in the 21st century isn’t revealed until later.

      However, the adults could raise the children and not have to pretend they were living in the 1800s. They could tell the kids it was 2004 and the children wouldn’t know anything was amiss because the kids never knew about modern society as we live it in 2004. They were never told about television, cars, computers, the Internet, etc.

      The only reason they claim that their society is living in the nineteenth century is to trick the audience in order to protect the cult plot twist until it’s intended to be revealed.

      • Thanks for sharing all that! I never really thought about it, but it all makes sense. I appreciate the details; I have always heard about plot holes, but no one really explained.

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