How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 215 (or “Die Difficult”)

The following movie trailer for the upcoming Die Hard 5 film, titled A Good Day to Die Hard, leaves you speechless… but you can’t tell if that reaction is a good thing or a bad thing.  And yes, folks… it apparently takes place in Russia.


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  1. … He really needs to stop now.

    • He looks weary. I dislike this trend of having his character act like he’s invincible, in DIE HARD 4 (like the “car vs helicopter” thing), which they seem to be continuing with this new film, based on the trailer. For me, the original appeal of DIE HARD was that John McClane was a normal guy… a tough cop who was in a crazy situation. He was beat up, cut up, and shoeless, but his determination saw him through. He wasn’t Captain America… if he was a “superhero” at all, he was the Crimson Bolt. LOL.

      • Totally agree. *snicker, Crimson Bolt*, that was both an awful film and genius all wrapped up in one place.

        As for Bruce Willis, I would hope, by now, he had enough money and fame to be able to say ‘No’ to a film role, yet he keeps insisting on doing the same film over and over. I want to blame terrible writing and Hollywood in general, but I’m going to have to blame him as well. It’s not like they can cast someone else to play him without upsetting a LOT of people.

        That being said, I’m looking forward to Looper.

      • Part of me wants to believe that Willis is genuinely hoping that he can make at least one DIE HARD sequel that holds up to the original, but the way they are approaching it, I doubt it is possible. They are going about it the wrong way. In the IMDB “trivia” section for this sequel, there is an entry describing a previous DIE HARD 5 screenplay draft that took place in Japan, which sounds more like the right approach. Sadly, that’s not the version that made it into production.

        Having seen LOOPER, I will say that it was entertaining and I liked it. However, I did think it had some noticeable flaws. In regard to SUPER (and the Crimson Bolt), though it is ridiculous in amusing way, it actually reminded me of a “comic book nerd” homage to TAXI DRIVER. LOL.

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