How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 210 (or Back in “Bakula”)

Several years ago, you were romantically interested in someone, but were stuck in the dreaded “friend zone” for many months.  The person in whom you were interested began dating someone else, who was supposedly “just like you.”  In fact, it was the other person’s wish that you befriend their new significant other.  You genuinely attempt to honor this wish.  However, the conversation develops as follows:

OTHER PERSON: “You two really ought to be friends.  You have a lot in common.”

YOU: “Really?  What might that be?”

OTHER PERSON: “You like the same nerdy stuff.  Take Star Trek, for instance.  He’s just as much a fan as you are and he’s really astute.  I can see the two of you conversing for hours.”

YOU: “Alright, ask him this question for me and we’ll see how astute he is… What does he think of the theme song to the Star Trek series called Enterprise?”

*time elapses*

OTHER PERSON: “He loves the theme song.  He thinks it’s catchy.”

YOU: “In that case, I’m afraid our Star Trek conversation has ended before it began.”

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