Back from the nether-regions of academic inquiry (or “Are you smarter than a fifth grader… from the planet Vulcan?”)

Fear not, I have returned to you, my loyal readers!  I had not planned to leave you as I did, and for that verily, I cry your pardon.

As you may recall, I (your benevolent nerd-guide) have been working toward my Master’s degree in Library Information Science.  This past month, I took my End of Program Exam, which is one of the last hurdles to leap in order to be approved for graduation.  It was rather involved and ended up necessitating blog-related “radio silence” in order to complete it on time.  Had I better anticipated this unexpected communication blackout, I surely would have let you know in advance.

Though less than a month has gone by since my last posting, in the research paper-soaked corners of my mind, it seems as though decades have passed.  Now, much like the character Kyle Reese (portrayed by Michael Biehn) in The Terminator, I feel as though I have emerged through a time portal into an unfamiliar alleyway, unclothed and disoriented, screaming, “What’s the date?! The year! What’s the year?!”

I owe you penance, my readers.  For the next two weeks, I shall strive to bring you thrice the number of postings each day.  There shall be two more on this day, three tomorrow and Saturday, etc.

As the false head worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed before exploding (in the original Total Recall film), “Get ready for a surprise!”

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A nerd among nerds.

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