Monthly Archives: September 2012

How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 207 (or early warning signs)

When you were a very young child, your mother asked you to pick up the mess of scattered toys in your room by saying, “Put your toys in order.”

Taking her request literally, you arranged all of your action figures in a long line on your bedroom floor according to their size and their social status in the franchise from which they originated.  As such, Mumm-ra was ahead of Lion-O, followed by Panthro and Tygra, etc.

How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 206 (or How “Como” you own that?!)

Your long-standing love for vinyl records has led you to acquire every album your parents ever owned without question.  Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, a fellow music lover (who’s opinions on music you greatly respect) discovered an album in your collection that you were unaware existed among them.  What was it? Behold the horror!

Your response to owning a Perry Como Christmas album (especially one resembling a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo):

“It’s from my Albums Most Likely to be Playing in Hell collection.”

How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 205 (or Sagan’s sayings)

During a graduate school course in which Carl Sagan is discussed as part of the coursework, you gleefully anticipate a possible opportunity to mention your favorite Carl Sagan quote:

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”

How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 204 (or lures and Lurie)

Though you have little interest or experience in fishing, a friend (who knows your unique sense of humor) lends you a DVD of the 1990s fishing television show Fishing With John, in which musician/ actor John Lurie invites celebrity acquaintances to go fishing with him.

You end up loving it, as much for the strange theme song and intentionally inaccurate narrations as for the nuanced, David Lynch-evoking interactions between Lurie and his guests.  The Willem Dafoe and Dennis Hopper episodes, alone, justify viewing this show.