How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 187 (or in the style of Arthur Eld…)

The following Dark Tower book series phrases are just a few among many, which are now part of your lexicon of conversational tools:

1) “Thankee-sai.”

2) “I cry your pardon.”

3) “I’d set my watch and warrant on it.”

4) “I wot.”

5) “Ka is like a wheel.”

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  1. 6) Say thankee
    7) Ya ken
    8) You have forgotten the face of your father!
    9) My Ka-tet

    • 10) For your father’s sake!
      11) There will be water if God wills it.
      12) Long days and pleasant nights.
      13) For the Tower! (Yes, I actually said this once to someone.)
      14) Yar.

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