How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 157 (or watching my language…)

In the course of a single, casual conversation with a fellow science fiction fan, you employed the use of words and phrases from multiple science fiction and fantasy franchises.  This included: several words in Klingon, two phrases from Farscape, words specific to Firefly, and several phrases from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. 

Furthermore, you made a point of being the one to utilize references to the Dark Tower because the individual to whom you were speaking stubbornly refuses to read those books.  Normally, you wouldn’t mind, but that person is basing their decision entirely on the basis of reading a Wikipedia synopsis of the books, which led to the misguided declaration that they seem “uninteresting.” 

Therefore, you get a bit of selfish pleasure when you accuse your compatriot of forgetting the face of their father, and you hear, “What are you talking about?”

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  1. This made me literal lol. Thankee-sai.
    While it’s on my mind, currently reading Wind Through the Keyhole. Great so far and no Dark Tower fan should not already own this.

    • Good to know. I’ve got it on my TO DO list for this summer. Looking forward to rejoining Roland on his quest. I’ve got to finish Gene Wolfe’s Book of The Long Sun series first, which is actually pretty good.

      By the way, the same person who found The Dark Tower uninteresting via Wikipedia, as never seen the Alien movies because he found clips of one of the Alien films boring. I still can’t believe it…. I kind of think he needs to turn in his nerd card.

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