The humble nerd returneth (or Disappearing/ Reappearing posts)

This, oh humblest of nerds, hath returned to the Inter-web.  I cry your pardon, avid reader for my absence these past few days.  Some may recall that I am seeking my Master’s Degree in Library Science.  The rigors of a long semester culminated in a blur of sleepless nights as I crafted three research papers together in the course of a few days.  Specifically, I had to create a research paper on the life and works of an early printer in Germany in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries (no, not Johannes Gutenberg, but close), an annotated bibliography on the same topic, and a bibliographic description of an ecclesiastical history written in Latin and printed in 1675.

As such, much like a student maester, I found myself engrossed in forging the “Rare Books” link to my chain, leaving no time to leave The Citadel of my home to venture to Oldtown, i.e. this, my blog.  However, I’ve emerged from this pursuit a little wiser, with a longer beard, and with a desire to buy a cassock.  Just kidding about the cassock… mostly.

The bottom line is: I owe you postings.  Thus, after this post, I shall answer thee with postings three… That’s two that I missed last week, plus a bonus post.  Tomorrow shall resume as normal.

Your patience, readership, and laughter (as always) are appreciated.

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