How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 150 (or the unshaven beard… )

A long-time friend, who is male like yourself, posted a photo of themselves on Facebook asking a simple question: “I’ve been growing a beard for three weeks.  Should I keep it or shave it off?”

Upon reading this question, you write the following, fervent response in order to annoy him:

Talk to me after two months of growth, then you can think of trimming it.  The clean shaven look is a female conspiracy meant to rob us of our individuality as males.  The exception to this is job interviews… even I go clean shaven for those.  In reality, though, its none of Facebook’s business… I’m just rather protective of my own beard so it pains me to see another man offer his up for sacrifice.

About nerdodyssey

A nerd among nerds.

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