How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 148 (or “Slacker” science)

You recently watched Richard Linklater’s 1991 film Slacker for the first time.  During an opening monologue given by Linklater himself, as he plays a person who is riding in a cab, you actually say aloud, “Wow… that must be what I sound like to most people!”

Why?  Well, you realize during the scene that you’ve talked about the very subject on which he speaks, including having made many of the same postulations, in previous conversations over the years.  You spend the rest of the film trying to decide if this is good or bad, but never seem to reach a definitive conclusion.
This is the exact scene in question:

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  1. clairemcarter

    This has been a topic of conversation many a time in the pub. Alternate realities and every decision playing out. There’s another reasonably good film with Jared Leto that describes it really well called Mr Nobody. The film splits into different realities as decisions are made. It states that you can’t make a decision without knowing the outcome, but if you know the outcome, you can’t make the decision.
    We suffer from this a lot in my gaming group…

    • I’ve heard of that Leto film, but have yet to see it. The theories of decision-making as it relates to multiverse theory end up consuming a lot more of my repertoire of casual conversation topics than I had previously realized.

      • clairemcarter

        Time travel takes up a lot of mine… Mostly how tv and films have got it all wrong and what they are proposing just couldn’t happen. But that’s a different conversation.

        As for decision making, I have looked back on my life and all the important decisions I’ve made and I feel that, although I’ve made some catastrophically bad ones, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am who I am, where I am because of the decisions I’ve made. Sometimes I wish I had a little forewarning, but then all the fun of finding out what’s going to happen next would be taken away.

      • The part of that scene that struck me the most, was the portion where he discusses the idea that certain dreams might actually be temporary windows into your life in an alternate universe. I’ve had several conversations about this very theory.

  2. I always wanted to like this movie, but could never get into it. I like Linklater, and I respect him for trying this experiment. Maybe it’ll be like the first time I tried beer. I hated it at first, and now it gets me through gym class.

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