How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 136 (or being frank about Kurt)

During a recent conversation, you’ve made a statement not unlike the following:

“I’ve always thought some of Kurt Russell’s best performances just so happen to occur when he wears some combination of a beard and an eye patch.”

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  1. Or you could be a paleonerd and think Kurt Russell’s best performances were as a high school geek and science / engineering genius.

    • Now that you mention it, I’d actually considered his early Disney work when I wrote this post, but I really think he hit his stride after his fake college days as “Dexter,” giving ol’ Dean Higgins a hard time. I suppose I tend to think that young “Dexter” wouldn’t last long if pitted against “R. J. MacReady” or “Snake Plissken”. Though, he might be able to take “Captain Ron” if it was anything other than a drinking contest or MONOPOLY.

    • Oh Snake was tough and cool, but Dexter had the nerd chops – and he ushered in a whole genre of movies; Real Genius, Revenge of the Nerds, Weird Science, the list goes on…

      Dexter wouldn’t have gone into Manhattan after the POTUS. He would have built and Search & Recovery Drone to do so and armed it was crazy-assed weaponry to boot.

      Or “downloaded” himself into a T-800…That would have coincidentally looked like a “Snakiefied” version of himself until the flesh got scorched off. 😀

      • I admit, you have a point… his movie roles as Dexter are an early precursor to the nerd-centered 80’s films, in much the same way that Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “The Princess of Mars” or the works of Jules Verne were precursors to modern science fiction literature.

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