How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 127 (or the cryogenic cartoonist)

You’ve begun to amuse yourself when watching episodes of ABC’s Once Upon A Time that do not feature Robert Carlyle by combining the events of the show with the film Vanilla Sky in your head.  This means that you basically see the show as a giant dream manufactured by Walt Disney’s mind, in order to keep his brain active during his cryogenic preservation.  You find your version of the show more entertaining as this would explain the heavily utilized Disney character motifs, while also using the character of Henry as a stand-in for Walt Disney’s consciousness as he is aware that the townsfolk in the show are actually fairy tale characters.

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  1. I’ve never seen Vanilla Sky, but this is brilliant. I must remember this next time we have an episode almost completely void of Carlyle. *glares at ABC*

    • Vanilla Sky is actually a remake of a Spanish film, “Abre Los Ojos” or Open Your Eyes. I’ve never seen the Spanish film, but the plot of Vanilla Sky inspired my view of Once Upon A Time. Gotta kill time waiting for Robert Carlyle scenes… I mean, is it too much to ask that he be in every single scence? I think not. LOL.

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