In an alternate universe: Event 13

In an alternate universe, public schools in the United States offer martial arts and meditation courses to students as an alternative to gym class.

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  1. When I was in HS we had martial arts as part of gym for a few months a year (no contact fighting, but practiced different techs and stances). I think the world would benefit if meditation was taught to students as a regular thing. People would learn how to mellow the f’ out. It’s win win.

    • Your high school was more progressive than mine, then. No martial arts for us… in fact, we had a coach that was one of the most obese people I’ve ever met, which was ironic considering he was supposed to teach “physical education”. I completely agree on the meditation issue. People need to learn to “enhance their calm” as teens so they won’t be stressed out, anxious adults hopped up on coffee 24/7.

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