How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 92

Not only does your idea of a “fun Thursday night” consist of pizza and streaming episodes of the 1970s horror/ science fiction television series Night Gallery on HULU, but the nearly uncontrollable laughter that you experienced upon watching the segment entitled “The Nature of the Enemy” in Season 1, Episode 3, actually wakes your sleeping dog.

What could be so funny as to provoke such a response? Two words, folks: Moon mice.

That’s right…  there is an actual segment in this series in which a near-future (as of the 1970s) mission to the moon that is originally supposed to build a “moon base” for NASA, ends up requiring a rescue team to try and find them, as they have gone missing shortly after a garbled transmission claims that they were “under attack”.  The rescue team finds no signs that the original group of astronauts are still alive.  The team transmits a video feed that shows the wreckage of one of the crafts from the previous mission, as well as a huge platform structure that the “attacked” astronauts apparently constructed from the moon base materials some time after their transmission, but just as the rescue team discovers this platform, they too seem to be attacked by something.

Just after a NASA engineer makes an off-hand comment that the structure resembles a giant mousetrap, the video transmission, which is still functioning, reveals “the enemy”… a gargantuan freaking mouse on the surface of the moon.

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  1. I… have to go get a copy of this…

    • I attempted to find a YouTube clip of it to embed with this post, but there didn’t seem to be one. However, the good news is that it’s on DVD. By the way, another ridiculous segment in a later episode featured “Dracula” hiring a babysitter… I’m not kidding.

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