How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 81

The main reason you watch the Syfy original series Haven is to catch Stephen King multiverse Easter eggs (hidden references), secretly hoping for as many Dark Tower references as possible. You also think the shows’ chosen depiction of Pennywise the Dancing Clown in his brief appearance was rather lame and disappointing.

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  1. i don’t watch the HAVEN but i can tell you the Tim Curry version of Pennywise is scary as hell… so how did they screw it up?

    • See, that’s the thing… Tim Curry’s Pennywise WAS scary, even if you were to look at a still photo of that Pennywise standing there doing nothing, he would still look scary. They really put effort into making sure that as a clown, he was creepy looking, which the evil teeth and Curry’s performance only increased in scariness.

      HAVEN’s Pennywise (though not named in the actual episode beyond something akin to, “The clown? … Oh, you mean THAT clown!”) appears for a few seconds in a hallucination, holding balloons and wearing shark teeth. Unlike Curry’s version, he just looks like a plain old clown. The show’s version is completely unremarkable. The costume literally looks like something you’d buy at a cheap costume shop. Except for the “shark teeth,” you’d never know that he was supposed to be scary.

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