How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 79

In the course of the same week, you have actually used the phrases, Words are wind, and Valar morghulis in casual conversation about real-word issues.

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  1. lol! I constantly have to stop myself from using the phrases “if wishes were fishes” and “it’s not the Mississippi” at work. sometimes I slip tho.

    would love to know the context that you used Valar Morghulis in!

    • I was having a conversation with someone about violence on television, their argument being that it is more prevalent than ever. Not long after that, the subject of Peter Falk’s unfortunate passing was brought up, in the context of a different topic. As a mutual response to both topics, I responded “Valar morghulis,” to which I received a confused look. I then had to explain the reference as they were not familiar with it. I also used the phrase “Thankee sai,” (from The Dark Tower series) in the same conversation. LOL.

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