How to tell you’re a nerd: Method 67

When most people in your high school were listening to Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock, you were making futile attempts to get your friends to listen to Jethro Tull, saying things like, “Ian Anderson’s flute solo is mind-blowing.”

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  1. Don’t even get me started on this one, lol. I can bring it a step further and get into my Rush obsession(also lots of 70’s prog, Yes, Uriah Heep, ect.) during HS too. Luckily I also had a bit of an obsession with heavy metal at the time too to fall back on for cool kid cred, but it was a bit difficult to get a Slayer fan into something like heavy metal nerd masters Blind Guardian, “Dude you gotta hear “Nightfall in Middle-Earth”!!! It’s so f’n metal and it’s based on The Silmarillion by Tolkein, the Lord of the Rings guy!!! It captures the book perfectly and makes it even more metal!! Oh, and they’re from Europe!!” Ya, that one was a hard sell, lol.

    • I can totally identify with you there. I made the mistake of trying to explain the meaning behind Pink Floyd’s The Wall to a friend, who was as into metal as I was because I thought they might appreciate Floyd, too (hopefully broadening their horizons beyond just metal). It didn’t help my cause. Though David Gilmore’s guitar work redeemed my argument.

      With some band’s, there’s no reasoning with people when they’re obsessed with whatever “in” band is around at the time. In several cases, I’ve had people tell me years later, “Yeah, that band is pretty cool after all.” If only they’d listen to us from the beginning, ya know? LOL.

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