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The Smartphone Quandary

Is it wrong to think of my smartphone as my own personal tricorder? In my defense, I have a periodic table app…

One small step for man, one giant leap for Skynet…

NYTimes: Computer Wins on ‘Jeopardy!’: Trivial, It’s Not

Full story of the ominous victory

“I am Number Four”

A little PSA: I am Number Four is sponsored by the letter F…

Skynet may yet have a weakness

A surprising turn of events, as Watson the computer makes a geographical error on Jeopardy!

Full story here

Skynet will soon be here: Artificial Intelligence vs. Intelligence Augmentaion

With the debut of a computer contestant on Jeopardy!, this week marks an interesting empass in the debate of man vs. machine.

NYTimes: A Fight to Win the Future: Computers vs. Humans

Full story here

I give you Balok… thank you “Star Trek”

Balok: the most amusing original series Star Trek character that ever was…

“The New Tron Dance” (I weep for Disney)

This video is proof that nothing is sacred, since 1985, at least.

“What is best in life?” Conan the Barbarian : Chicken soup for the Hyborian soul

Conan the Barbarian answers one of life’s oldest questions.

If “Marley & Me” mated with “The Mighty Boosh”…

This is the trailer for the upcoming FX series, “Wilfred”, based on an Australian comedy.

Television show titles from alternate universes

Those of us at Nerd Odyssey pondered what alternate universes might have chosen as titles for various television shows through the decades.

Below is a list of television show names from the past and present, paired with a possible amusing titular alternative, which may exist in some random universe…. behold!

1. The Pretender = The Faker

2. Dexter = The Killer Killer

3. Detroit 1-8-7 = Detroit Has a Lot of Murders

4. Smallville = Untrained Superman

5. Lost = Where Are We… & What the Hell is That Thing?

6. House = Junkie A-Hole Doctor

7. Lie to Me = You’re Lying… Stop That!

8. Castle = Murder He Wrote

9. Grey’s Anatomy = Whiny Doctors MD

10. Seinfeld = It Wasn’t Me!

11. CSI = Blinded By Science… & Blood Stains

12. Cheers = Has-Been & the Drunkards

13. Joey = That One Guy…

14. M*A*S*H = Hey, Doc… Remember All the Fun We Had Fighting Korea?

15. Supernatural = Ghost Face Killers

16. Vampire Diaries = Teen Bloodsuckers (A.K.A. Vampire Weekend)

17. Outsourced = Casual Racism : A Comedy

18. The Cape = Costco Batman

19. Episodes = That One Guy Is Back Again

20. Being Human = Oh, the Humanity!

21. Quantum Leap = Time Skipper

22. Family Matters = The Character Assassination of Carl Winslow By the Coward Steve Urkel

23. Burn Notice = Being a Spy the Bruce Campbell Way

24. Full House = Two Guys, Three Girls, & an Impressionist

25. Shameless = Child Protective Services, Where Are You?

26. The Mentalist = Psych (Psych = The Mentalist)

27. Iron Chef = Can’t Eat THAT at Applebee’s!

28. All In the Family = Just Like Grandpa…

29. Sex & the City = Sex & the City: The Sands of Time

30. How I Met Your Mother = Hey Kids, Wanna Hear About All The Women I Slept With Before I Met Your Mother?

31. Big Bang Theory = The Socially Awkward Network

32. The View = Celebrity Hen Party

33.That ’70s Show = The ’70s Weren’t Really That Great, Folks… Here’s a Reminder

34. The Tudors = Hail to the King, Baby

35. Big Love = Seriously?

36. Doogie Howser MD = I’m 16 & I’ve Been Licensed to Cut Out Your Liver

37. Family Guy = The Simpsons Did It

38. Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper = Hangin’ With Alice Cooper

39. Dr. Who = No Way That Guy is a Doctor!

40. Cougar Town = UB 40

41. The Situation Room = Wolf Blitzer & the Chamber of Secrets

42. The Rifleman = That Man Uses a Rifle!

43. Step By Step = White Trash Brady Bunch

44. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno = The Tonight Show with Machiavelli’s Ghost

45. Two & a Half Men = Two Half-Men & a Hobbit

46. Larry King Live = The King’s Speech

47. Sarah Palin’s Alaska = The Deer Hunter

48. Justified = Kentucky Gunslinger

49. Married With Children = Growin’ Up Bundy

50. American Idol = The Golden Calf (A.K.A. Lost in Space)

Any thoughts on our hypotheses?

Green Lantern gets double-teamed in 2011…

Nathan Fillion, star of ABC’s Castle, has been cast as the voice of the Green Lantern in an upcoming animated film due out in July.

Fillion joins former fellow Two Guys and a Girl actor Ryan Reynolds in jumping on the Hal Jordan bandwagon. Reynolds is starring in the Green Lantern feature film this summer.

Take a look at the full story

When you’re down, try some Bowie

David Bowie’s Space Oddity…because sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up in our lives.

House of what?!

Is it just me, or does the last letter of this movie title look more like “r” than “s”?

Super Bowl PSA from Felicia Day

On this day of sport, filled with a nation of screaming football fans, star of the interweb series The Guild, and nerd goddess, Felicia Day (@feliciaday) shares a tweet that reminds all nerds to keep a rational frame of mind and embrace the better angels of our nature.

Behold: “My entire Tweet stream is filled with the Superbowl, or people being snarky about hating the Superbowl. I think I’ll go play video games.”

We agree

“The Stand” film clarifications from sai King, himself.

Stephen King, who didn’t even know The Stand was going to be filmed until he read about it on the interweb, tells Entertainment Weekly his thoughts on the upcoming project.

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Watch “Conan – Conan Gets Animated!” on YouTube

Behold the greatest new DC character… and worst old ones.

(500) Dark Knights of Summer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is rumored to still have a role in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises.

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The groundhog lies

An early spring, huh? Looking outside at the blanket of snow and ice, I can only think one thing, “Punxsutawney Phil is full of dren.”

British actor to play Superman in reboot

British actor, Henry Cavill, cast as the new Superman. This must be payback for Stallone’s Judge Dredd.

Full story below.

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The Walkin’ Dude is on the move: Stephen King’s “The Stand” heads to the big screen

Word on the interweb is that Stephen King’s The Stand is in development to hit movie theaters, folks.

That both excites and frightens us at Nerd Odyssey, though the fear is largely based on not yet knowing if the adaptation of King’s novel of over 1,0000 pages will be divided into multiple films or truncated into one film. Can you guess which scenario we prefer?

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