Alternatives to network television medical drama detritus

We here at Nerd Odyssey have long been at odds with network television medical dramas. Whether it is FOX’s House, NBC’s ill-fated Mercy, or ABC’s melodramatic weepy doctor show Grey’s Anatomy, the current array of medical dramas is about soap opera romances or cartoonish behavior mixed with a dash of medical information. You may notice CBS absent from previous mention, but that is due to CBS’ problem resting in their over-reliance on cookie cutterCSI spin-offs.

Rather than condescend audiences, why don’t the networks start a new breed of medical dramas that take place in historical periods before modern medicine existed. A show that takes place in medieval Europe would be much more entertaining. You could have the romantic elements of a Grey’s Anatomy but with leeching and witchcraft accusations.  Another idea would be a show about an arrogant Ancient Egyptian brain surgeon, which could attract House fans (and yes, I know House is a diagnostician, not a brain surgeon).

Try a new approach, network executives. Admit that modern medical dramas are as close to real medicine as muzak is to actual jazz and move into the great unkown that is originality.

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