Beware “The Cape”

I recently watched NBC’s premiere of The Cape about a cop, played by David Lyons, wrongly accused of crime in fictional Palm City, who becomes a superhero to fight corruption and reclaim his good name. The villian, played by James Frain, is the head of an evil corporation, and is secretly the evil criminal known as Chess… yes, as in the game of strategy.

These are my impressions of this disaster of a show:            

Firstly, I recognize that the show is probably entertaining to children, and more power to family television, but I feel bad for any nerds with kids who may be forced to endure this show for their kids’ sakes.

The dialogue is very campy and is heavy-handed, and each character is a royalty-free version of a real comic book character. The Cape is essentially a Costco Batman trained by circus folk (yes, there are actual circus characters in the show), and his partner in taking down Chess (a villain who is a Lex Luthor reject) is a mysterious investigative blogger named Orwell, as in George Orwell the author of 1984 and Animal Farm (how subtle!), played by Summer Glau… Lois Lane with a website; enough said. This ain’t Firefly quality character depth, folks. I wish better things for her.

Also, Chess wears contacts with chess pieces as irises… maybe they’ll introduce a henchman named Chubby Checkers.

Lastly, Scales, a thug played by Vinnie Jones, is a Family Dollar version of Killer Croc who dresses like a a character out of Midnight Cowboy, but with a skin disease.

My advice is to just buy your kids some real comic books, and wear headphones when watching Costco Batman run around fighting the Parker Bros. Who knows, the Tron: Legacy soundtrack might improve the viewing experience of The Cape.

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