Hello world!

Greetings nerds of the world…

Welcome to the inaugural post of Nerd Odyssey, the blog dedicated to delving into the best that the realm of science fiction and fantasy have to offer throughout television, film, and literature.  Written for nerds, by a nerd, Nerd Odyssey strives to provide a compass by which the discerning fan can navigate the potentially treacherous waters of modern popular culture. Rest assured, if we encounter items that are not, necessarily science fiction or fantasy, but are still worth a look, we will strive to include them as well.

One feature that is already up on our site is the Mind Drippings section, which is intended to serve as a repository of random musings from our proprietor, in the vein of tweet-like postings. Check back often for updated “drippings” as we call them.

In the coming weeks, as we fine-tune our fiefdom here at Nerd Odyssey, you will find an array of reviews as well as other nerd-related posts that will help to illuminate you on the nerd-verse as we see it.

Hold on to your personal media devices; it’s going to be a wild ride…

About nerdodyssey

A nerd among nerds.

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