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“Broken Lizard” returns to a classic… meow

According to, the comedy team Broken Lizard are working on a sequel to their 2001 film, Super Troopers. The new film has a release date of later this year. This is exciting news for the folks here at Nerd Odyssey.


NBC picks up magic-oriented cop show from “Battlestar” reboot guru. This will go well…

Ron Moore, the man who rebooted the Battlestar, franchise has a sold pilot to NBC about cops investigating crimes in a town where magic exists, called 17th Precinct . The show is described as “Harry Potter for grown-ups”.

At least one fan of the Dresden Files books, here at Nerd Odyssey, is convinced that one of the Seven Laws of Magic has to have been broken for this project to be moving forward.

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The film adaptation of “Ender’s Game” is afoot

Ender’s Game, the classic science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card, is being developed into a movie.

For more information, follow the link below.

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A word from “Dirty Harry”

“You do things someone else’s way and you take you’re life into your hands.” — Inspecter “Dirty Harry” Callahan (Magnum Force)

Ron Swanson: Pyramid for Greatness

Ron Swanson, possibly the greatest sitcom character on television, provided a fantastic guide for living on last week’s episode of Parks and Recreation on NBC. To behold the greatest visual aid I have seen since the Rosetta Stone, check out the link below.


The only good “Twilight” is a mocked “Twilight”

Someone finally figured out how to insert actual entertainment into the soul-sucking experience of Twilight.

Royal Pains: Indigestion Editon

I keep seeing BBC America advertisements for the re-airing of the Henry VIII drama, The Tudors. I’m hoping for the day when a drama is made exclusively about the later years of Henry VIII. Why watch a show about the young, fit heart-throb, when the older, gluttoness, obese king would be so much more interesting?

Alternatives to network television medical drama detritus

We here at Nerd Odyssey have long been at odds with network television medical dramas. Whether it is FOX’s House, NBC’s ill-fated Mercy, or ABC’s melodramatic weepy doctor show Grey’s Anatomy, the current array of medical dramas is about soap opera romances or cartoonish behavior mixed with a dash of medical information. You may notice CBS absent from previous mention, but that is due to CBS’ problem resting in their over-reliance on cookie cutterCSI spin-offs.

Rather than condescend audiences, why don’t the networks start a new breed of medical dramas that take place in historical periods before modern medicine existed. A show that takes place in medieval Europe would be much more entertaining. You could have the romantic elements of a Grey’s Anatomy but with leeching and witchcraft accusations.  Another idea would be a show about an arrogant Ancient Egyptian brain surgeon, which could attract House fans (and yes, I know House is a diagnostician, not a brain surgeon).

Try a new approach, network executives. Admit that modern medical dramas are as close to real medicine as muzak is to actual jazz and move into the great unkown that is originality.

CBS Cares… a little too much

This is an actual CBS PSA aired on TV this week.  They have a weird idea about gift-giving at that network. Below is a previous PSA that was aired during the ’09 Christmas season. CBS: the creepy uncle of network television.

On this day…

In honor of a fellow nerd, we give you a list of important events that occured on this day in past years, according to


“No Ordinary Family”: a PSA

To the writers of No Ordinary Family on ABC,

Deciding to write an episode that has three story lines, each of which is essentially a crappy homage to a film, does not constitute good writing. It’s bad enough that your show boils down to a children’s program that really belongs on the ABC Family channel, but attempting to do your own bubble gum versions of Die Hard, The Breakfast Club, and The Thing, only results in you creating TV versions of Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Not Another Teen Movie, and the first Resident Evil movie.  Look, you’re better than The Cape on NBC so quit while you’re ahead.

Mojo “Rises” for casting of third Nolan-helmed Batman film

The latest word in casting for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises: Tom Hardy as Bane with Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.

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A sign…

Is it a good or bad sign when I realize that I can consistantly tell if a movie or TV show (made as far back as 1987) was actually filmed in Vancouver, Canada (regardless of where the fictional story is supposed to be set) based on local actors commonly cast in Vancouver productions?

A bit ‘o “Chuck”

This week’s episode of Chuck on NBC featured some truly distracting dialogue. The source being a description of a missing bottle of wine that had been injected with a government nanochip (don’t you just hate when you misplace those? I know I do). The wine had “a stable on the label, and a stork on the cork”. Not only was this line repeated multiple times, invoking the comedic sensibility of a cartoon, but it didn’t stop there. One character on the covert spy mission exclaimed, “This place is crawling with French bad guys!”

When a French dandy had his wine stolen, he cried out, “My pinot!” The team is later told that they must return to France, which prompts one team member to respond, “Not again!”

Nice one NBC…

The downside to voice-based telephone prompts…

Recently, I was forced to call my television service provider to fix a glitch when trying to order a pay-per-view movie. I was prompted to speak the name of the film to the automated system in order to reauthorize the purchase, which I did, allowing me to watch the film. The system did not recognize what I was saying at first. Long story short, I found myself screaming into my phone, “Dinner for Schmucks! Dinner for Schmucks!”

Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Casting is underway for the film adaption of the novel depicting President Abraham Lincoln as a slayer of the vampiric undead.  The buzz for this film makes me wish I’d followed through with my Helen Keller: Demon Destroyer idea.

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As the world rotates…Fox’s ‘Alien’ Prequel Dead, ‘Prometheus’ Rises – Heat Vision

Much like the mythical phoenix, an original science fiction storyline will rise from the ashes of failed pre-production, replacing the scrapped Alien prequel film. It shall be called Prometheus, and Ridley Scott is working on the script with Damon Lindelof of Lost fame. I am hoping there will be a conscious lack of smoke monsters and caves that shine as if they contain the gold of a leprechaun.

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Turning Down an Invitation

I just heard possibly the most ridiculous reason for declining an invitation I have ever heard: “Sadly, I teach comedy traffic school that night.”

Thank you television, you modern pseudo-idol of worship, for enriching our lives with such cleverness.

Upcoming “Dresden Files” RPG… an overview

Despite the host’s long-winded description of the game, I am eager to try it out, as I am very much a fan of this franchise.

A Theory…

I’ve often thought that TV shows and films are representative of possible alternate realities. This would mean that Star Trek might exist in some form. Unfortunately, this means Twilight would exist, too. For every positive, there is a horrible mind-draining, soul-sucking negative.